See how I’m changing lives for busy people, one ClickUp optimization & hiring project at a time.

Rick Mulready

“Erika joined my team as a launch project manager three weeks before I launched a brand new course. I threw her straight into the deep end, and she immediately started getting things done.

She quickly became my OBM and the glue that holds my team together. She’s organized, hits deadlines, and is always ready for me to Voxer her yet another, “hey, I have an idea…” that she wrangles into action and follows through on it. Her background skillset has also been a huge asset when I need her to jump in to help the team, whether it’s creating something in Canva or updating our website or reviewing an agreement.

Having her as the point person of the inside of my business means my team has someone to go to for all their questions each day and someone to follow up on deadlines and action items, and the time I’ve gained back from this being taken off my plate allows me to focus on driving my 7-figure business forward. It’s invaluable to have her to work through strategy and team management with. I’d absolutely recommend Erika to anyone!”

Brittany McBean


Service: OBM Retainer

“Working with Erika has 15x-ed our monthly income, allowed me to breathe, made sure nothing falls through the cracks, and our reputation as a premium service provider stays intact.

“My business was a goddamn mess before Erika! I was constantly stressed and overwhelmed, torn between wanting to offer a premium service and struggling to build out a premium system. Client projects were dragging on ‘cause I just couldn’t get organized. I knew I could do better, but I also knew that I couldn’t (I needed someone else.) With Erika onboard, I can be the creative vision-driving leader of my business without anything falling behind.”

Daniel Lamb


Service: Systems Set-up + OBM Retainer

“Erika turned what used to be 6-8 hours of work into 1 hour or less.

“Before she helped me transition to a new CRM, I was spending hours (plural) creating and sending custom proposals, contracts and emails for each new client project. Not a great way to live! She really knows her shit when it comes to online business management and systems.  I also got some huge customer experience upgrades along the way that would have been difficult for me to implement alone.”

Anna Kloth

“Before Erika joined my business as my integrator, we were struggling to dot our i’s and cross our t’s. Contracts weren’t signed, processes weren’t standarized and I was struggling to attend to my company’s details while running the day to day of the business.

On the first day of working with her, I mentioned that I needed her to systemize EVERYTHING. I needed employee manuals, SOP’s, and pipelines for days. 

I remember saying, “If this job just seems like your nightmare and you don’t want to work with me anymore – I get it. I know this job sucks.” I’ll never forget her response. “Are you kidding me? This is my dream job. I usually do this sort of stuff for companies who don’t even want it!” I was shocked and a beautiful relationship was formed.

After Erika began working with us, we had a system for everything. Onboarding clients and interns ran like clockwork and I began to be able to take myself out of day to day operations, which was a blessing. As a quick starting ‘visionary’, details and execution are NOT my thing. 

This gave me the opportunity to create new products, implement upgrades that had been backlogged for months, and we finally saw the company growing to new heights. I was able to hire multiple employees and Erika made sure everyone knew what they were doing. 

To this day, I can’t thank Erika enough for what she did. Even though COVID made our business take a hiatus and Erika began taking on other clients, she’s still been my rock. She helped me launch my second business and I still don’t send an important email without asking for her to proof it. My sole goal is to make enough money in my business to hire her back because Erika IS the secret sauce.

I love working with Erika because she completes me. We can text about work or friends without having to stuff in niceties –  those can come after the meat of what we’re talking about. I tend to regularly jump from idea to idea and I never have to worry about her tracking. She is a POWER writer, systems ninja, and needs very little management. She communicates at every stage of the project and over delivers every time. I have never been asked a question by her that she didn’t already thoroughly research. 

When creating contracts, her former life as a paralegal comes extremely handy. Plus she’s just a hilarious human being who I value getting to talk to on a regular basis.

If I was going to tell someone about Erika, I’d say, “Hi, it’s your lucky day. I know of the perfect person. If Erika works with you, expect your business to EXPLODE. (But don’t fall in love with her please, because I want her to return to her rightful place as my integrator!)”

Kristin Macintyre
Kristin Macintyre

Launch Strategist & Copywriter

Service: OBM Retainer

“Erika made me cry happy tears on our discovery call. (Real story. Ask her about it.) And ever since, she’s been making my life magical. 

Before I started working with Erika, I was incredibly burnt out from trying to do everything in my business by myself. In just a few weeks, Erika took my behind-the-scenes mess and… fixed it. 

Since Erika showed up, she’s helped me plan big launch projects, set up my client onboarding systems, and automate my VIP day services. I finally feel organized, free to do amazing work for my clients, and ready to scale.

All of that to say, if you want a sassy unicorn lady to swoop in, clean up your business, and set you up for long-term success, work with Erika. She’s a brilliant online business manager. I should also mention her enthusiasm for Trello makes her very special.”

Nicola Moors

Brand Voice Badass & Launch Copywriter

Service: Integrator Intensive

“Run into Erika’s schedule before she gets too busy to take anyone else on. RUN.  

I was trapped in my inbox, surrounded by unread emails and a mountain of admin that needed to get done. I felt stressed, overwhelmed, and had no idea that running a business could be anything different. My to-do list was on a piece of scrap A4 paper.

Erika audited everything in my business to see where systems could help me (note: everywhere!). She also helped me figure out a project management tool that fitted seamlessly into my business and made sense for the way I like to work. Now I’ve got more time to spend with clients (and providing them with an even better service!).

She came highly recommended by several people I trust and I’ve since passed her name onto other copywriters. Although I have regretted that as now I think her schedule is too busy for me, ha!”

Lori Cesario, Vet Cancer Consultants

Owner, Vet Cancer Consultants

Service: hiring project + strategy session

“Erika is super organized, crazy efficient, and a wealth of knowledge.  

She did an amazing job finding me a great VA – thank you! Erika has also been an amazing resource for setting up ClickUp, doing SEO research, and every other project I’ve asked her to help with!

I love her knowledge, energy, personality, attitude – and she came highly recommended 🙂

For anyone with an online business and looking for help moving things forward, I’d send them to Erika. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, efficient, organized, positive, down to earth, has a great personality and is great to work with!”

Kathy Young

Website Copywriter and Brand Messaging Strategist

Service: Integrator Intensive

“RUN TO ERIKA’S WEBSITE. I legit would not be at the confidence level I’m at now to service my clients with my project management system. If systems and organization scares you, Erika will make it way less scary.  

Before working together, I was running projects by the seat of my pants and several notebooks that are all only written through halfway. I always got the job done but it took a lot more stress than it needed to! Thinking about how to work on several projects at a time was super overwhelming for me and I had no idea how or if I could stay sane with several projects while still taking care of my clients.

I now have the foundation for a super-clear, easy, and structured Project Management System! I’m able to provide super clear timelines for clients, stay on track for my projects, and not feel like I’m drowning!

Erika is fun, proactive, incredibly empathetic, caring, and innovative! She had worked with the lovely Brittany McBean and so she knows the copywriting world so well!! The projects we do are do different and unique compared to other service providers. So I really appreciated Erika’s insight around how other copywriters are implementing their systems and how I can implement what’s already working for them into my business too!”


Founder and Analytics Nerd, Mountainside Media

Service: Integrator Intensive

“Oh, you need to reach out to Erika. She will look at *ALL* your ish and tell you what to do to organize yourself and in what order.

She will give you a comprehensive audit document and Loom walkthrough that you can refer to after your contract is over. I particularly love that she’s not one of those consultants who books a strategy call with you then proceeds to do a stream-of-consciousness “brainstorm” that leaves you more confused and overwhelmed than you were before the call. Instead, she takes a systematic approach to auditing your systems and how you operate your business and gives you clear specs for improvement.

Before I worked with Erika, my business was chaos. Everything was in my head and I struggled to get it out fast enough in order to delegate. I often ended up doing more myself than I should have. I heard her on one of my favorite podcasts (shout out to Rick Mulready) and thought her approach to be level-headed and insightful, so I reached out. She’s smart, organized, and insightful and the biggest help has been identifying where I’m on the right path and what needs improvement. I had SUCH a great experience with her.”

Christine Santos

“Erika delivered in a way that spoke to me. She’s exceptional at systems, processes and boundaries. Boundaries were exactly what I needed help with, and learning her systems and processes was the extra I received from working with her. She’s to the point, no fluff, direct and concise.

Before my Strategy Call with Erika, I was scattered with no boundaries. I wanted to serve everyone with everything! I am now more direct about what myself and my team can offer and if something is not in my area of expertise but I feel I can learn it, I look at data to see if it is a need out there and if so I dive in to learn it so I can help those who need assistance in that area.

Erika is phenomenal. I recommend her to everyone I speak with. She’s best OBM out there! In my Strategy Call, I received everything I needed and was looking for and more. I am extremely happy and feel like working with Erika definitely met my expected ROI. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”


Social Media Strategist & CEO, Sam Gets Social

Service: Strategy session + Multiple hiring projects

“Erika knows her stuff. It’s as simple as that. Every online business has its own set of complex needs, Erika is able to quickly asses the situation and solve your problems. She’s seen it all and knows how to get your business running efficiently. 

Before I worked with Erika, I was overwhelmed with trying to figure out the organization within the back end of my businesses and I was burning at all ends doing all the things. I knew it was time to bring on support, but in the past when I brought on support it was a mess because I didn’t have enough training/systems to set them up for success.

It can be embarrassing to let someone behind the curtains of your business when you feel like everything is a mess but Erika never judged me- she came in and objectively looked at where I am now and gave very actionable steps to get me where I wanted it to be. She’s amazing to work with and knows all the things and all the people when it comes to online businesses.

For the hiring project Erika did, I was BLOWN AWAY with the entire process. I never would have had the time to create such a thorough application process and the quality of applicants that we got is mirrored in that effort. I’m thrilled with the talent we recruited, the onboarding process provided by Erika has been seamless, and I’m excited for the well-rounded team we created.” 



Service: Strategy sessioN + SOS Call

“You need Erika! She has a way of taking the jumbled mess out of your head and turning it into a system that works for *you* and you need her, stat.  

The backend of my business was a mess before I worked with Erika. I was keeping track of everything in my head + my Google cal, but was feeling incredibly scattered and overwhelmed. I knew I needed a project management tool, but didn’t have the time or head space to figure out how to set it up in a way that worked for me.

I wanted to work with Erika because of her experience working with other copywriters and launch strategists. I wanted someone familiar with my industry because I didn’t have time to familiarise someone else with what I do. She’s super easy and insightful! She showed up to the Strategy Session call w/ answers to all my questions + solutions to problems I had!

Thanks to her, I now have a project management tool! I have a way of organising my client projects and my own stuff. And I feel infinitely more ready to bring subcontractors on now that I have a system in place!”



Service: Strategy Session + Hiring Project

“I would 1000% recommend Erika to help you in your business. She is smart, efficient, warm, and excellent in her assessments of what will support your business in moving forward.  

I was overwhelmed with managing and tracking way too many details on the bigger picture end as well as the many small details it takes to run a multi-faceted business. I heard Erika on Rick Mulready’s podcast and heard many good things from Rick and his group about her. I could tell when I heard her on the podcast that she was smart, efficient, fair, and had a great handle on the on-line business terrain.

As someone growing a business and not having had much support, I am always hesitant about where I put my money. The support, services and resources Erika included in her hiring project with us was beyond valuable for onboarding and integrating our new hire. After the fact, I feel like it was so very worth the cost and I would definitely want to hire her again in the future if needed. I am beyond impressed and deeply grateful for the amount of support.

My business is now more organized, we are getting the right people in the right positions/roles, and I have more time to focus on delivering good services and visioning. Just thank you so much! I am already so relieved! Yay!”

Lauren Hermann, The Copy Clinicians

Founder, CEO, and Conversion Copywriter – The Copy Clinicians

Service: multiple hiring projects

“I’ve already told several of my friends: You MUST MUST MUST hire Erika to help you find the right person! She does everything for you, and does it well! I have a 100% success rate with her, and my team shines because of it.  

Before working with Erika, I was wearing too many hats and questioning whether or not I was cut out to be a business owner. The transition from employee to employer can be daunting! I had already hired another copywriter and a VA to help out, but I needed someone else on the team to be my right-hand-person, I just didn’t know what that even looked like. Erika helped me figure out *who* I needed to hire and she took over from there. When I say she found the BEST team member for me, I really mean she found. the. best. Fast forward one year and I needed to hire another team member for my growing business- Erika was THE person I went to. She worked her magic for a second time, and now my team is growing with more of the right people in the right seats. I can’t believe how much I’ve been able to delegate to my team thanks to Erika’s help with hiring the right people!

Erika’s name was brought up by multiple people who experienced incredible success when they worked with her. She’s a detail-oriented & efficient superstar. Since working with her, my business has improved in the following ways:

1. The right people are in the right seats.
2. My business core values shine through in each team member (I was missing this before I worked with Erika)
3. I’m able to free up more time to do the things I love (including NOT work!)

She’s amazing and I can’t wait to work with her again for my next hire as my business continues to grow!”


CEO, Chimehouse Media

Service: Strategy session

“It was so helpful to get clarity on what role I needed to hire for. After our call, I was able to hire a stellar EA that supports me.  

Erika’s name was brought up to me by someone I love who previously worked with her on a Strategy Session. Before meeting with Erika, things in my business were so busy – I was a hot mess express!

In our session Erika was fun, sharp, organized, and clear. It was really helpful to have the 90 day new hire onboarding ClickUp board she provided. My new EA loves it and said I was “organized” LOL so it’s been helpful for both of us. THANK YOU!

I’ve already referred Erika to someone – I told her how much Erika helped me get clarity and how organized and helpful the process was.”