Erika Macauley | Online Business Manager + Integrator

Integrator Intensives

The truth is… running a business doesn’t mean you magically know how to do ALL the things. In fact, you’re usually so good at the thing that makes you money, there isn’t brain space for anything else.

As an ideas person, your mind does best when it doesn’t have to switch from creative, to admin, to logic and then back to creative mode quicker than Beyoncé’s hand-flip in Single Ladies.

And that’s totally OK! If you’re second-guessing yourself on the daily, going cross-eyed over analytics, or having an existential crisis over non-existent systems, my Integrator Intensive days were made to nix that shit.
Erika Macauley | Online Business Manager + Integrator

What's an Integrator Intensive?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked!

Integrator Intensives are a 2-day process where you get me and my brain to clear up any confusion you have around systems, automation + processes. (I only need you for a strategy call though, so you don’t need to worry about clearing your schedule!)

You bring me your keep-you-up-at-night questions and I’ll get my systems sixth sense working on the fine print of your business. I do the work in the background on these days, so you just get to chill while a magical systems fairy swoops in and sorts shit out. Nice, right?

All those little thoughts you have written down on post-it notes, but NEVER get around to sorting out?

Bring ‘em to me and come away with a game plan and a massive drop in anxiety (that bit also depends on how much coffee you drink during our strategy call…)

Here’s a few examples of what we can accomplish in an Integrator Intensive:

  • A brand new optimized ClickUp buildout, OR
  • A full audit & review of your current client, team, and project management systems to find out what’s working, what’s not, and what can be improved, OR 
  • A rockin’ new start to finish team hiring & onboarding process in your PM tool, ready for your next hire

Integrator Intensives are designed as a done-for-you service so you can get in, get out, and walk away with a big ol’ back end upgrade (not THAT back end, your biz one).

All the goodies, cause I know you wanna know:

Through the discovery call and proposal process, we’ll decide if you’re in need of a strategy intensive or an implementation intensive.

If we’re doing a strategy-based intensive, I’ll be providing you with a comprehensive written report at the end of the 2 days with my findings and suggested action plan for moving forward.

If we’re doing an implementation-based intensive, you’ll get a comprehensive Loom video where I’ll walk you through everything I’ve done and how it works. We’ll schedule a follow-up Q&A call if needed.

For all intensives, we do a kickoff call to make sure we’re on the same page and talk strategy. All intensives come with two weeks of post-project Voxer or email support. (No ghosting here!)

Read an in-depth blog post about how my VIP days work!


Sorry, my friends - my current client roster is full. Hit me up if you wanna get on the waitlist!

Not quite ready for a full Integrator Intensive?

No worries my friend, I gotchu!

I also offer 90-minute Strategy Calls! Think of these as a mini-intensive.

You’ll have time to ask questions, get feedback on your amazing CEO ideas, and generally just pick my brain on your most pressing biz issue.

After our call, you’ll receive a super straightforward action plan to keep the momentum going and two weeks of Voxer or email support!


Need to stick around after your Intensive?

I’m also an OBM.
(Currently not taking on new clients, so I recommend grabbing a post-Intensive Strategy Call to check in down the road a bit!)

Need someone to execute some of the action plans I put together for you?

I run done-for-you hiring projects where you can sit back and relax while I find your perfect match. Hit me up!

Kathy Young

“RUN TO ERIKA’S WEBSITE. I legit would not be at the confidence level I’m at now to service my clients with my project management system. If systems and organization scares you, Erika will make it way less scary.  

Before working together in an Integrator Intensive, I was running projects by the seat of my pants and several notebooks that are all only written through halfway. I always got the job done but it took a lot more stress than it needed to! Thinking about how to work on several projects at a time was super overwhelming for me and I had no idea how or if I could stay sane with several projects while still taking care of my clients.

I now have the foundation for a super-clear, easy, and structured Project Management System! I’m able to provide super clear timelines for clients, stay on track for my projects, and not feel like I’m drowning!”

“You need Erika! She has a way of taking the jumbled mess out of your head and turning it into a system that works for *you* and you need her, stat.  

The backend of my business was a mess before I worked with Erika. I was keeping track of everything in my head + my Google cal, but was feeling incredibly scattered and overwhelmed. I knew I needed a project management tool, but didn’t have the time or head space to figure out how to set it up in a way that worked for me.

I wanted to work with Erika because of her experience working with other copywriters and launch strategists. I wanted someone familiar with my industry because I didn’t have time to familiarise someone else with what I do. She’s super easy and insightful! She showed up to the Strategy Session call w/ answers to all my questions + solutions to problems I had!

Thanks to her, I now have a project management tool! I have a way of organising my client projects and my own stuff. And I feel infinitely more ready to bring subcontractors on now that I have a system in place!”