oh hey there.

You look like you need some help.

Don’t worry! I gotchu. That’s kind of… what I do. Every day, all day. (Not really alllll day or every single day cause we love some good goddamn work-life balance around here, my friends.)

I already know you must be a visionary, a CEO, a creator, and/or just a general all around badass if you’ve made it to this page.

If you’re looking for a business Marie Kondo for your current hoarding house situation that is the death spiral of your Google Drive (where literally everything is “Untitled Document”) or can’t stand another 3am panicked wake-up thinking about a forgotten invoice…

… then HELLO. I’M ERIKA AND I LOVE GETTING SHIT IN ORDER. We should be friends.

Erika Macauley | Online Business Manager + Integrator
Erika Macauley | Online Business Manager + Integrator

There are 3 ways you can work with me!

Have a look at them and let me know which one sounds like the perfect match for whipping the back-end of your business into shape:


Looking for a long-term business BFF to collaborate with?

I happen to know a verrrrrry cool OBM + Integrator.

{Heads up: my roster is currently full right now – sorry! I’m not taking any new retainer clients.}


Got a big ol' gap in your team that you need help filling?

One thing I’m goddamn amazing at is finding the perfect support team member.

If thinking about hiring gives you hives, or your team turns over every two months, a Hiring Project is for you!


Do workflows make you feel like fucking exploding?

Check out my Integrator Intensives for the easiest 2 days you’ve ever had getting your shit sorted out. 

(Or jump on a Strategy Call with me for a mini-intensive!)

Hiring Cheet Sheets by Erika Macauley | Online Business Manager + Integrator

Want the easiest 3-page guide ever to building your support team?

Looking to build your support team (OBMs, VAs, EAs, PMs, we cover ALL the acronyms) and feeling lost?

Get your hands on my cheat sheets that will give you the quick what, how, where, when, and why.

Created by an OBM, not some HR exec or CEO who has never been a support team member in their life… so you know it’s the good shit!