Erika Macauley | Online Business Manager + Integrator
Hey there! I'm Erika.

I'm your chaos coordinator, systems slayer + Chief Get Shit Done Officer.

If you’re here, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and looking for help getting your shit together. (Right?)

Great news – I can help you with that.

What that means for you:

My business management skills can get a handle on whatever is going crazy in your work life and set it straight.

(Never have 2,348 unread emails in your inbox again.)

I can set up, audit, or refine systems to streamline your business and automate as many tasks as possible.

(How would it feel to get paid on time because your invoices all went out correctly, automatically?)

My Type A brain goes straight to problem solving, always. I will find the best, most efficient way to get something done and I’m always thinking 12 steps ahead.

(Ever had an FAQ document ready BEFORE you launched and started getting questions?)

I have years and years (and YEARS, but let’s move on) of admin experience all across the board. I can throw my hat into just about any kind of ring and get it done.

(Even something as random as needing to send a greeting to a Japanese client - yes, できますよ.)

How I got to be the person that 6 and 7-figure CEOs rely on to run their business

After years of working in the corporate world, I decided to bring my administrative and organizational skills to my own business.

(I can realllllly flex my skills when I’m hustlin’ for myself rather than bustin’ ass for the man all day.)

I have a BA as well as paralegal certificate specializing in corporate and securities, and over ten years experience working in the administrative industry – many of those as an in-office executive assistant/legal administrative assistant/paralegal for major multi-national firms. (Blah blah blah, who cares, right?)

But over the last few years, I’ve laser-focused onto helping creative CEOs who are catapulting to new heights… faster than they can keep up with the back end of their business.

I love working as a collaborator with these kinds of visionary people because I’m 100% an integrator (hi, have you read Rocket Fuel?) and that makes us a perfect fit. I get to focus on getting all the behind the scenes stuff in order while they focus on doing the thing they’re good at. Win win!

Erika Macauley | Online Business Manager + Integrator

But this is my about page, so where would we be without a few fun facts about me?

(Also, if you somehow got here from Googling “Our Friend Jane” … hey there. That’s my old business name. It’s still me!)