Online Business Management

The CEO/visionary/creative genius (that’s you, btw) can’t be answering your team’s 238 Slack questions, spending all damn day in your inbox, or waking up in a cold sweat wondering if you scheduled that meeting…

….not if you want your business to scale + grow. And that’s why my detail-obsessed approach is the ultimate complementary puzzle piece to your big-picture visionary skillz.

It’s time to stop Googling “how to automate a CRM system” or “how to create an online course” (I know, right – did I hack your search history or what?) and let me take care of the back end of your business.
Erika Macauley | Online Business Manager + Integrator

With me as your OBM (online business manager) or integrator (both of these are fancy internet words that mean slightly different things, but generally mean that you’re the ideas person and I’m the make-it-happen execution expert), I’ll operate as your right-hand woman. 

I’ll dive right into the day-to-day to streamline your systems, clear the chaos, and learn eeeeverything about your business (yep, even the bits you don’t want me to see. This is a no shame zone, promise!), so we can set you up to scale systematically and sustainably. 

The result? A business that runs smoooooother than the oat milk latte you buy from that fancy schmancy hipster coffee shop on the corner. Even when you’re on vacation. (Remember those?)

Grow your revenue & scale your business WITHOUT the stress so you can get back to doing the things you do best.

Having me as your OBM or Integrator means:

Basically, you can finally focus on the visionary, revenue-generating work only you can do and step completely into your role of company CEO.

Packages start at $2000 per month for a 30-hour retainer

Sorry, my friends - my current client roster is full.

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Brittany McBean

“Working with Erika has 15x-ed our monthly income, allowed me to breathe, made sure nothing falls through the cracks, and our reputation as a premium service provider stays intact.

“My business was a goddamn mess before Erika! I was constantly stressed and overwhelmed, torn between wanting to offer a premium service and struggling to build out a premium system. Client projects were dragging on ‘cause I just couldn’t get organized. I knew I could do better, but I also knew that I couldn’t (I needed someone else.) With Erika onboard, I can be the creative vision-driving leader of my business without anything falling behind.”

Hiring Cheet Sheets by Erika Macauley | Online Business Manager + Integrator

Want the easiest 3-page guide ever to building your support team?

Looking to build your support team (OBMs, VAs, EAs, PMs, we cover ALL the acronyms) and feeling lost?

Get your hands on my cheat sheets that will give you the quick what, how, where, when, and why.

Created by an OBM, not some HR exec or CEO who has never been a support team member in their life… so you know it’s the good shit!

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