Hiring Projects

Everyone keeps telling you to build your support team to grow & scale your business, but where are these people? Who do you hire first? Why is nobody applying to your job post that has four bullet points and an email address to send a CV to? What the hell is an Operations Coordinator, anyway?

There’s a reason HR departments exist in businesses – hiring is a skill and to do it well, ya gotta know what you’re doing. Hand off that baton!

It’s time to stop telling yourself you’re the worst CEO in the world when hiring gives you hives. Just because you have that special sauce that makes your biz grow doesn’t mean you automatically are fabulous at building a support team .
Guess who is, though? Me.

Who doesn't love some hard data?

100% of my hiring projects have resulted in a final hire

99% of candidates hired are still in the role in 3 months

Over 95% of candidates hired are still in the role in 6 months

You’re ready for a hiring project with me if:

Some roles I can help you fill:

I work on hiring projects mostly for administrative & operations support team members. These are people in your business who might have a job title like:

*I hire less often for specific niche roles outside of those above, like podcast or AV editors, copywriters, web developer/designers, etc. If you need something like this, we can chat but I can’t promise my normal timeline on these since it’s a much smaller pool of candidates to pull from.

What’s different about my hiring projects?

I run my projects using a ‘curtained’ process. What the hell does that mean? It means the job description and application form that I put out into the world do NOT contain your name or the name of your business.

Why would I do that?

Don’t we want applicants to know the company they’re applying to work with?

Yes, and no. Mostly no at the stage where my part of the hiring process is. (By the time they make it through as a final candidate and they’re getting ready to meet you for a final interview, we absolutely tell them who you are!)

The main reasons why I run projects this way are:

What a hiring project with me looks like, step by step (cause I just KNOW you wanna know the deets!)

Week 1

Based on the info you provide during onboarding, I’ll draft a v1 of a detailed job description and get your feedback.

Week 2

I’ll turn around edits of the job description and walk you through the application form I set up.

Week 3

I’ll post the job and review & vet all the A+ candidates that throw their hat in the ring for your role!

Week 4

I’ll hold up to five 1:1 interviews with final candidates (yes, you’ll get the recording for a sneak preview).

Week 5

I’ll deliver the top candidates to you in a walkthrough video and start your 2 weeks of post-project support.

Week 1

Onboarding (all the usual suspects, like taking care of the contract, invoice, hiring questionnaire, worksheets)

Week 2

Drafting a detailed job description, 30-minute call to finalize job description, creation of application form,  posting job

Week 3

Applications come in and I start reviewing & vetting all the amazing candidates that are throwing their hat in the ring

Week 4

My 1:1 interviews with final candidates, presentation of final candidates (Loom video walkthrough)

Week 5

Post-project support (I’m available by Voxer or email for a week of reasonable support!)

What's included in a Hiring Project? 🤔

In my done-for-you hiring projects, you already know what role you’re looking to fill in your biz.

If you need help identifying the role(s), one option is working with me on a Strategy Session 90-minute call first before the project.

What I do: create the job description & application form, set everything up, source & vet candidates, hold the initial meet-and-greets with final candidates, and then hand you a few top-notch qualified candidates on a silver platter at the end of our project.

What I don’t do: hire for in-person roles (remote/virtual only!), make final hiring decisions for you, set up training or onboarding for your new hire, conduct paid test tasks, or guarantee hires.

In my hiring projects, I’m here to help you with the following:

Hiring projects wrap up with my delivery of:

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So, hey, listen - if just the words “job description” are making you hyperventilate and you would rather hand the whole thing off to someone who thrives on it (what a weirdo, amirite?),
let’s talk.


Sorry, my friends - my current client roster is full. Hit me up if you wanna get on the waitlist!

“Erika knows her stuff. It’s as simple as that. Every online business has its own set of complex needs, Erika is able to quickly asses the situation and solve your problems. She’s seen it all and knows how to get your business running efficiently. 

Before I worked with Erika, I was overwhelmed with trying to figure out the organization within the back end of my businesses and I was burning at all ends doing all the things. I knew it was time to bring on support, but in the past when I brought on support it was a mess because I didn’t have enough training/systems to set them up for success.

It can be embarrassing to let someone behind the curtains of your business when you feel like everything is a mess but Erika never judged me- she came in and objectively looked at where I am now and gave very actionable steps to get me where I wanted it to be. She’s amazing to work with and knows all the things and all the people when it comes to online businesses.

For the hiring project Erika did, I was BLOWN AWAY with the entire process. I never would have had the time to create such a thorough application process and the quality of applicants that we got is mirrored in that effort. I’m thrilled with the talent we recruited, the onboarding process provided by Erika has been seamless, and I’m excited for the well-rounded team we created.”