Things I Like and You Might, Too

Lookin’ for a little free advice? This page is a collection of things I find helpful and so I want to share them with you.

What you’ll find here is stuff I actually use and recommend. Sometimes in my own biz and sometimes with clients. But I’m not out here trying to hustle ya for the 12 cents of affiliate income – I truly believe in everything here!

Speaking of 12 cents, yes, some of these are affiliate links. It’s 2024 so I hope you know what that means, but if not: signing up/buying via some of the links here may mean the company sends me a little somethin’ somethin’, at no extra cost to you (and you might even get a discount). Everybody wins!

The playlist I’m currently repeating all day on my Spotify:

🌈 The More You Know™

Not to toot my own horn, but TOOOOOOT – I have some damn good blog posts that answer most of the questions I get.
(You can also see all the posts here.)

Let’s Get Down To Business

Let’s talk about tech babyyyy! Everyone’s always asking me what I like and use, and while I maintain that the best one for YOU is the one you’re going to USE… here are mine:


Data collection, organization, storage & analysis is my love language.


ClickUp is the gold standard of project management – it does it ALL.


The cheapest CRM with the politest dev team in all the land.


A beautiful CRM with automated workflows & stunning brochures.


I use this for my wildly sporadic mailing list. Easy to use & great for smaller lists!


You gotta count the dolla dolla bills somewhere. Wave is FREE accounting software!

Podcasts I've Been On

If you’ve ever wanted to ‘pick my brain’, have a listen to one (or all!) of these:

Podcasts I've Been On: ❤️

A sneak peek behind the curtain to all my biz besties. Let them know I sent ya!


Alynna Alcira

Like this website you’re lookin at right now? Of course you do. This is all Alynna’s incredible work. Go see her if you need website things!


Ces Botor

Think my IG looks cool? It is, and it’s all thanks to Ces and her uber-talented graphic design skills. She’s also the sweetest person ever!


Emma Griffin

I get compliments daily on my website copy, and while this is really Erika writing this page, the other pages are masterpieces by Emma.


Brittany McBean

Things Brittany and I love: each other, gluten-free snacks, The Office, being Snarkypants McGee, the list goes on. Oh, and she’s an expert launch strategist & conversion copywriter, too.


Andrea Roque

There’s not much Andrea CAN’T do, and while I know she’s a fantastic YouTube & content manager she also helps me out when I have overflow admin work.


Anna Kloth

My work bae since day one. We started as scuba diving instructors in the Caribbean and moved on to launching our own businesses. Follow Anna for everything digital marketing!

Everything Else

Real talk, I got tired of thinking of sections for this, so welcome to the catch-all.

Rocket Fuel

Every CEO needs to read this. And so does every right-hand to a CEO. Learning the dynamic in this book changed my life for real.

Time Timer

Calling all my fellow ADHDers… this is a game changer for getting through the work day. What you can’t see when I’m on Zoom is this timer running in front of me!

CEO Support Method

This OBM course by Ellie Rogers is Erika-approved. I was in the first cohort of this program and it is AMAZING!

Hiring Cheet Sheets by Erika Macauley | Online Business Manager + Integrator

Want the easiest 3-page guide ever to building your support team?

Looking to build your support team (OBMs, VAs, EAs, PMs, we cover ALL the acronyms) and feeling lost?

Get your hands on my cheat sheets that will give you the quick what, how, where, when, and why.

Created by an OBM, not some HR exec or CEO who has never been a support team member in their life… so you know it’s the good shit!