Case Study: How My Online Business Manager Services Helped Brittany Create Crazy Success

Online business manager services case study for Brittany McBean, by Erika Macauley

One of the best things about my work is working with badass creative visionaries and helping them turn their “What if we could do this…” wishes into realities in their businesses. My clients are insanely talented people. But whipping up a successful business with operations, systems, and processes? That’s not always what a creative person can or should be focusing on. That’s where my online business manager services come in… like an amazing margarita at the end of a long day.

Brittany McBean is a launch copywriter who knows her shit. I’ve enjoyed working with her from the early days of setting up her initial processes and systems to now helping her manage a growing, kickass business. Here’s how my services have helped Brittany achieve the success she dreamed of.

How It Started

So like I said, Brittany is a launch copywriter. She whips up the copy that entrepreneurs use to launch online courses, memberships, masterminds, etc. Around the time I started working with Brittany, she was signing her first really big client.

From Brittany:

I’d connected with Erika and knew I wanted to hire her already. I knew I needed help with my systems, badly. Then, this big client was coming on board, and I knew it was time!

I’m a textbook creative: I’m disorganized, I say “yes” to more than I can handle, and I’m great with strategy but not with the details. Project management gives me so much anxiety! So, rather than try to improve those skills (not gonna happen), it made more sense for me to find a systems specialist who could hit it out of the park.

I wasn’t looking for a VA. I needed someone skilled in systems, strategies, and processes. 

Erika was pretty much the coolest person I’d ever talked to. I loved her immediately, and we got along so great. It was a perfect match.

online business manager services case study with Brittany McBean for Erika Macauley.

Booming Business

Soon after I started working with Brittany, her business started booming! As she worked on what she does best, writing and creative strategy, I was there behind the scenes. I worked with Brittany to create systems and processes and help manage the team she was quickly hiring. 

From Brittany:

I feel like everyone in this space makes these big promises, “I’ll give you back your time so you can do the things you love.” But with Erika, that’s what really happened. 

We went through this process together. My business was growing fast. Erika helped me figure out how we could do more and who should do what. There are so many important things that happen in my business that I don’t even touch because Erika does such a good job.

It’s really incredible to be able to focus on my content, the direction I want to steer my business, and my strategy. What Erika does is make sure the essential parts of running my business are handled properly, and that we’re growing the way I want to. I don’t have to do it all, because I have Erika at my side.

Creating Crazy Success

Since I started working with Brittany in May 2020, her business has been absolutely crushing it. I’ve gotten to support her creative genius with online business manager services that have let her accomplish what she wants to without compromising her productivity.

From Brittany:

I started my business in 2019. Back then, things went slowly. I was just starting from scratch! That year, I made about $9,000 and brought home around $7,000. Like I said, I was just getting started.

In 2020, the year I hired Erika, I brought in $172,000 in client work alone. Erika really helped me create a business that served my clients at a premium level. I was able to raise my prices and go from $500 projects to booking $10,000-$15,000 contracts and I can serve those clients really well.

Now, we’re on track for a $400,000 year in 2021. I wouldn’t be able to serve clients at the level I do and charge the prices I do without Erika.

Turning Strategies Into Realities

Brittany is in tune with what her ideal clients want and need from a service provider. So when she described the experience she wanted them to have, I took her strategic ideas, snapped my fingers, and made them happen… I mean, it was more than snapping my fingers, but hopefully, that’s what it felt like for Brittany!

From Brittany:

I had an idea of the client experience I wanted to give, but the nitty-gritty tech work of setting up and implementing those steps was not my thing. I knew what I wanted to happen, but didn’t know how to do it. That’s where Erika was so amazing.

The way we now do our lead generation, sales calls, proposal preparation, contract execution, and client boarding has all been Erika. She took my strategy ideas and brought them to life, from the intricate items to the simple ones. 

Erika Macauley's online business manager services have helped client Brittany McBean grow her business.

Preparing to Launch

As Brittany’s business grew and she wanted to create her own online course, she had an idea of everything it would take, but was surprised by just how much work it required. 

From Brittany:

I had no idea how much needed to go into even a basic, barebones launch. But Erika had the plan! She had the checklist and made sure everything was covered. We’re gearing up for another launch in September, now, and we’ll be ready thanks to Erika. Plans are made, the Trello board is ready, the tasks are all assigned to my team, and I’m not stuck in the weeds with any of it.

Erika has made such a huge impact on the client side of my business, I knew that as my business grew and I started expanding into courses, Erika would be just as integral. It’s been an incredible experience working with her because she just handles shit. It’s amazing how everything she does translates from client work to scalable products.

A Partner in Growing Brittany’s Business

Building up Brittany’s business has involved more than systems and processes. I’ve worked with her to manage hiring, project management, and more essential functions so she can continue to focus on her creativity and business strategy.

From Brittany:

I’m at the point now where I don’t make business decisions without Erika. She knows me, my vision, what I want, what I value, and my priorities. But at the same time, she can see everything from a more objective perspective.

If I have an emotional attachment to something, Erika can help me focus on what’s best for the business. She’s become a business partner in many ways, and I trust her. She’s a really wonderful combination of a badass who takes no shit… but in a way that feels safe and warm.

As someone who’s dealt with anxiety and depression, Erika’s support has been crucial for me. Once when I had a panic attack about something, the first thing I did was Voxer Erika. She got on Zoom and helped me calm down, and she got it. She knows my business and what was going on, and I trusted her to get me through that moment.

Thinking of Working with Me?

Reading this post and thinking, “OK, Erika, I need you in my life?” 

Here’s Brittany’s advice:

Erika’s online business manager services will be the most impactful if you know the kind of business you want and how Erika’s talents can serve you. You have to be ready to hire an online business manager and have a team for her to delegate implementation. And if you have those, the impact she’ll make in your business will blow your mind.

I know what it’s like to have a fear of “no one can do this as well as I could…” or “I could DIY this for now.” But what Erika can do best for you is set things up the way you need them and then let your business continue. The work she can do in a short amount of time is really valuable.

Connect with Brittany: // Instagram // Join The 5-Figure Leap

At the time of publishing, my OBM service client roster is full. Still want a little Erika in your life? Check out my done in a day Integrator Intensives or Strategy Calls


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